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Wireless Cameras

Wireless cameras are really good for monitoring a specific area. Such as a baby monitor or the front door.  Wireless technology has advanced to eliminate much of the interference that has plagued wireless cameras of the past.


Wireless cameras have two major issues one is quality of picture and the other is the recording of the video. Without recording an event a camera serves no purpose and no one I know of is going to just sit and watch streaming video from a security camera. Even if they did see something I wonder how effective Their testimony would be. Lorex technologies, a well know security camera company, has been focused on this problem more than any other company that I am aware of. My suggestion is when looking for Baby monitors and such that you check out Lorex Security.


Here at Spy Geeks we have discovered a Wireless camera that is an outdoor IP camera with an SD Card for recording video that can be viewed on the internet where ever there is internet access.












The camera transmits a quality picture with an SD Card that serves as a recording device eliminating the major hurdle

Quality Video Security
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Video From IP Camera

The photo Graph is a picture of the video that was taken from a screen shot.