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Outdoor Wireless Camera With WiFi And SD Card



Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher version,firefox,chrome WiFii Camera Without Interference Of Wireless


1,4,9,16,25,36, 64,81-channel , no user limited , centralized monitor, remote record and playback , Skype message alarm, skype telephone alarm


Supports three-level account, password, user multi-level authority management


Embedded Linux OS


Provide DDNS for free


SD Card recording up to 32 GB


Search SD Card from Remote Computer


View on Mobil Phone


Motion Activated Recording


Software Compatible with Windows OS


30 LEDs for Night Time Viewing


Skype Message Alarm





Super Client--1,4,9,16,25,36, 64,81-channel , no user limited , centralized monitor, remote record and playback , Skype message alarm, skype telephone alarm


View on PC----Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher version,firefox,chrome

Mobile Platform---No need to install software, Multi-screen monitoring and managing by mobile phone,alarming,viewing.


View by phone----Support monitoring via mobile devices on line(such as iOS、Android OS Symbian OS、WindowsPhone7)

Operation system---Embedded Linux OS


DDNS---Provide DDNS for free


Compression Format----H.264


Maximum Frame Rate -------25fps


Video Resolution------VGA (640x480) / QVGA (320x240)


Bit Rate---- 32Kbps~4Mbps


CMOS Image Sensor ---.3 Megapixel camera


Minimum Illumination------- 0.3Lux


Lens is 6mm


Auto White Balance, Auto Exposure, Automatic Gain


Night Vision -----36 Φ 5 IR LEDS  IR Distance : 20 m

WiFi------------WIFI 802.11 b/g/n

Memory----SD Card Record

Alarm Detection------Support motion detecting / 1 way input triggered


Supports 4 visitors online




Quality Video Security
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The photo Graph is a picture of the video that was taken from a screen shot.

Video From IP Camera

The newest affordable wireless IP camera with an SD Card technology is here. One of the major problems of having a stand alone IP camera is its ability to record video.   Recording to a computer requires the computer to be running 24/7 with designated space for recording video to the Hard Drive. This will cause the Hard Drive to wear out before its expected lifetime.  Capable of WiFi recording to an SD Card up to 32 GB. Camera does not include the SD Card.

90 Day Warranty
One Year Warranty
Outdoor Wireless Camera With WiFi And SD Card
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