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Our Spy Geeks Are Experts With Indoor And Outdoor Cameras

Cameras are easily interchangeable so if the camera that you have is not doing the job it is easy to replace it with one that will. Indoor and outdoor cameras are two different devices. Outdoor cameras have a housing the is either weather resistant or waterproof. Check out Camera Basics.


Weather resistant means the camera will handle most exterior conditions without a problem. While waterproof means the camera can be submerged in water and not have a problem. Indoor cameras are not designed for any of these circumstances.


Visit camera basics for information that will help in deciding the type of cameras that are needed for your particular circumstances.

Security Cameras CCD Bullet Infrared 480TVL


Medium Range Outdoor Infrared Security Camera$159.95

This is the security camera we use when our customer wants a mid-range viewing angle. With the 4-9 MM Vari-focal lens you can have it manually zoomed to view locations slightly farther away.



One Year Warranty
One Year Warranty

This Security Cameras CCD Bullet Infrared - 480TVL has been tested and retested and is ready for action.

Pinhole Security Camera              $99.95

This security camera mini pinhole is hidden in i all the covert cameras made by SpyGeeks. Small enough to fit anywhere.


  1. 1/4' Color Day/Night CCD

  2. Resolution 420 TVL

  3. Super cone 3.7mm pinhole

  4. Size 26mm x 26mm

Watch Video

One Year Warranty

Vandal Proof Dome         $69.95

One Year Warranty

Specifications Indoor_Outdoor_Cameras_files/Security%20Cameras%20-%20Vandalproof%20Dome%20%28480TVL.pdf

Featuring 1/3” Color Sony CCD, 480 TV lines of resolution and Infrared illuminators that will see 65 ft. in the dark. , The vandal proof dome camera also features a rugged metal housing to stand up to torrential rain.

Infrared Long Range Camera




One Year Warranty

License Plate Camera $1995.95

One Year Warranty

CA-LPRSCR510HB-HN2 When you really want to capture a vehicle license plate. Let me explain. We get asked for cameras to be able to read license plates from a distance every day.


When our customers want to see across the street. This Vari-focal lens can manually zoom in to see distant locations. Indoor_Outdoor_Cameras_files/Security%20Cameras%20CCD%20Bullet%20Infrared%20480TVL.pdf
Quality Video Security
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