When looking for a hidden camera keep in mind there are three different kinds of hidden cameras. There are battery operated cameras, plug and play cameras that just plug into an outlet and are ready to record. Finally hard wired or analog cameras that have to be connected to power. These cameras are pinhole cameras that are placed into many various devices ranging from wall clocks, pictures, smoke detectors or just about anything you can imagine. Battery operated hidden cameras have a limited battery life.

Types of Hidden Cameras

Therefore have a clear understanding of the length of time a recorder must be willing to record. Micro cameras such as a pen video recorder or a keychain recorder have limited battery life. Our test results have shown on average most battery operated devices will last approximately 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours even though they are advertised for 3 hours. There is an exception and that is devices that are either voice or motion activated.

Hidden cameras that are plug and play are easy to operate. Just plug them into an outlet and make sure there is an SD Card in the device. They will begin to record as soon as the device has power. The camera is located inside of Clock Radio. There are now three versions of this available Night Vision with SD Card, Standard SD Card and a WiFi Version

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