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At SpyGeeks we market three different models of a realtime tracking devices that we have found to be relyable dependable.


  1. VP400 OBD II RealTime Tracker


  1. RealTime GPS TrimTrac


  1. TD300 Personal or Vehicle Tracker


Real time trackers are very easy to use it is just a matter attaching them to the vehicle you would like to monitor.

There are two different types of GPS for vehicle tracking. One is a realtime tracking while the other is passive tracking. With realtime tracking it is very easy to follow the vehicle you are tracking by logging into an online account and then watch the vehicle as it is moving on a map provided by the online service.


The other option is with a passive system. A passive system will allow you to place the tracking device onto the vehicle you want to track then after a few days retrieve the device and plug it into your USB port on your computer. From there you will be able to monitor where the vehicle has been.


RealTime Trackers


RealTime Trackers have different features depending upon the device. Alerts can easily be set up to alert you about certain conditions of a vehicle. Alert notification will advise you when the vehicle move in or out of a certain area, this is know as a GeoFence. Notification of the speed of a vehicle, the times when the vehicle is stopped or idle.  Also when the vehicle is used during off hours. Private detectives use realtime trackers to track vehicles for a bank or dealership may be in the process of repossessing. Businesses use tracking systems to monitor there location of service vehicles creating a better utilization of manpower. With a tracking system they can tell exactly how long their employees are taking for lunch and break. Monitor government vehicles and their location to create a more efficient system.


Vehicle Tracking is commonly used to monitor teenagers when they take the family car or there own car you may have helped them pay for to monitor their whereabouts. When going for a hike or camping a tracking device will keep loved ones informed of your location. When you suspect your mate is having a affair and are suspicious as to their whereabouts.


Tracking your teenager could help to save their lives.

Passive Tracking


The unique features with a passive device is they are much less expensive than a realtime tracker. There are no monthly fees and the cost of these trackers is generally 50 percent less than a realtime tracker. When you do not have to have a real time tracker and can wait to see where the vehicle has been this is the perfect tracker for the job. Situations for this would be tracking a suspicious husband or monitoring a teenager to make sure they are doing what they say. Plus you get to see how fast they are driving.


We have found the Sluethgear iTrail Multi-Purpose Vehicle or Personal Tracking GPS Logger With Magnetic Case with magnetic case to be an excellent passive tracker. The uniqueness with this tracker is that it can be used on bicycles placed in back packs a personal tracker.


The GPS System

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a series of 24 satellites providing information to a GPS for vehicle tracking devices and other types of tracking devices, the software in the receiver decides and records or sends the position in three dimensions (altitude, latitude, and longitude) to a GSM receiver where it is transmitted over the internet to a subscription website. Originally developed by the U.S. Department of Defense for use in precision weapon delivery, the initial satellites were launched between 1974 and 1977. During the Clinton administration, use of the system's additional bandwidth was opened for civilian use. This move, combined with recent advances in personal technologies were the catalyst for an explosive surge in GPS market opportunities and intelligent applications.

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