Why do women cheat on good men, is a question that a lot of good men would like to know the answer to. Especially when they are going through the experience and dealing with the emotional downfall.


It is a difficult experience for all men when their partner cheats on them. It is sad state of affairs often being left in the dark as to to why. Women have several reason why they cheat.  By understanding their outlook you will be able to prevent it from happening in the future and understand better what pushed her to do something like that.


When an adultery is committed one way to deal with this great trauma is to look at it from a supernatural point of view. By looking at the problem as being caused by a supernatural force you will not take out hostility on yourself and your girlfriend or wife making the situation worse. That is why I look at the deception through spiritual eyes and realize it is a demon that is causing the separation by creating lies dividing me from my partner. Otherwise I will be blaming myself and the woman I love for the inequities of the relationship. This will only drive a wedge between us making it more difficult to even begin to see the truth of the event. The following reasons contained herein can be deceptions or lies from the demon or a reflection of reality.


Biggest Reason


One of the biggest reasons why some women would do the unthinkable is that they just do not feel important or cherished by their men. A woman needs to feel important to her man, she needs to feel that she is appreciated and when she lacks that she might look for it somewhere else. Most women put so much into their relationships, that when they feel neglected and unappreciated, they are overcome with a feeling of sadness and worthlessness. Also know as intimidation.

Left For Another Man


First off, if your wife left you for another man, there is a chance that she was experiencing sexual dissatisfaction. While it is by no means a good reason to break years of hard work and growing together, she may feel reluctant to tell you about it and would rather seek that satisfaction from someone different providing sexual communications to accommodate her needs.


Financial Stress


Financial stress triggers internal anger that leads to infidelity because your women is looking for  financial security. No matter how progressive the world may be getting these days, in most societies the man is still seen as the one who has to bring the bread home. The lie of the demon will make you feel as if you failed to meet these expectations and she will see this as weakness in you causing her to look elsewhere. This demon will then  tempt her to find someone stronger who can take care of her. Before you know there is separation and the demon has won again. Take time to learn what the characteristics of a demon are this will provide understanding how we all get sucked in by these temptations.


Spending Time


If you are a working man and spend most of your time doing your job, whatever it might be, then chances are she believes that you are not spending enough time with her or giving her enough attention. This demon will reaffirm to her that  you do not care for her creating frustration and anger. This will be taken out on you by looking for someone to replace the time you are unable to spend with her. She may then go look for someone who will pay attention to her, listen to her and make her feel appreciated and respected. Even though you are busy providing for her.




These are only some of the many reasons to the question, Why do women cheat on good men. If you are suspecting your wife of cheating on you, then approaching the situation without concrete proof may end up heavily backfiring in your face and you will never know the truth. While it may seem wrong to do, the best thing to do is to first obtain proof, and then confront her.

Why Do Women Cheat On Good Men
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