Is a relationship really over when a husband cheats on his wife or a wife cheats on her husband? The million dollar question is why do people cheat in relationships? When it comes to understanding this dilemma each person will have their own solution based upon their own experiences of life.   

How many people get married to intentionally cheat on their spouse?  None that I know of. When they said their vows in marriage it is doubtful their intent was to have an affair.

























When two people become married their ideal is to accommodate each other in what ever way they can. So where are the answers to be found? Possibly in the lust of our own self-satisfaction? When each partner is fulfilling the needs of each other the marriage runs smooth.

The Reason

The reason people cheat in relationship on one another is quite simple. The partners are not meeting the expectations of each other. One of the partners will desire the other to respond the way they feel they should to accommodate their needs. By doing this there is no trust and respect for the individuality of their partner. The same is true when there is a, preconceived thought on how they want their partner to respond in a marriage and it does not happen. When this happens neither partner will do anything to accommodate each other, but begin to demand change to their preconceived idea of a perfect relationship. 

The Little Things

Often times we get married even though there are several little things that are over looked. We end up focusing on all of the things we like about our partner not the little annoying issues. After all, we are taught to have a positive attitude in life. When these little irritable issues are not addressed they  become a thorn in the side of the marriage. As time goes on they begin to erupt in many different ways. These little irritations easily lead to anger, hostility and infidelity.

When these self created ideals become a standard for one of the spouses in the relationship, the opposite spouse often has no idea of what is going on. When the political standards of a marriage are not met through the expectations of the opposite partner an adulterous relationship is often created.

A Solution

The solution is simple, but accomplishing the solution is very difficult. The solution comes through being able to see both sides of the cause of the cheating in a relationship. To often the first response is to blame the opposite party without looking at the part we may have had in an infidelity. The issue that divides is that each person wants the other person to be the way they would like them to be. This robs each partner from their own individuality.  Words spoken without trust and respect to each other will reflect in the form of anger when the opposite  spouse is not accommodating their desire. If you can look at the supernatural power and influence and remove yourself from blaming each other it becomes much easier to reconcile. 

Unfortunately we were not born as clones to have precisely the same feelings, thoughts and reactions. The only solution is to not desire our spouse to live, speak and feel the same way we do. This by itself is a hard nut to crack, and when it does not happen with respect, only hostility and anger will prevail. By accepting your partner as an individual, rather than a desire of your imagination, respect and communication will begin and then grow in the relationship.

I Only Saw What I Wanted To See

In my  courtships before marriage, I only had vision to see what I wanted to see. Once in the relationship we realize everything is not exactly what we thought it would be. Like the old saying goes, “It is only greener on the other side of the fence until you get there.”

As I said before,  “To reestablish a broken relationship there is no magic bullet. It takes hard work by understanding the needs of each other with forgiveness.”

Possibly the answer to why do people cheat in relationships is as the old saying goes, “In order to have a lasting marriage each party has to give 200 percent.” I believe this is true and people give up before they have given each other the 200 percent.

Why Do People Cheat In Relationships
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