Leave Signs


A cheating partner will leave signs of their cheating on their husband wife or girlfriend. When uncertain of suspicious signs of your cheating man or woman it is best not to confront them. The confrontation will make them aware of their mistake, causing them to clean up their act and possibly make it more difficult to catch them.


These signs listed below were compiled by years of detective experience by our local detective.  They are somewhat dated, but the signs still apply today.  With the advancement of  technology,  the truth is found out much more rapidly than in the past.




One of the signs is that at the beginning of an affair the husband or wife that is cheating is more attentive to their spouse than they normally would be.  But on the other hand a husband may have a hard time focusing on the activities at hand and lose interest in the children at home. They lose desire to do necessary repairs and lawn maintenance.

A Feeling 


Intuition that something is not right goes a long way in identifying an adulterous situation. “When in doubt check it out.”  If you have known your partner for many years just the look on his or her face may give away infidelity. Cheaters often have a change in the frequency they have sex with their partner. Some will want it more often while others will avoid sex all together.


Money Disappears


Finances are another place to look for a sign, especially from the husband. When a husband is two timing they have to pay for it. Most couples are aware of their household finances. When a charge is charged to a credit card it will show up on the statement. The same is true with  checks or withdrawals from a checking account. Abnormal use of household funds is a good sign something out of the ordinary is happening. They may set up a P.O.Box,

then have a charge card or bank  statement sent to the P.O.Box in order to avoid their partner from finding misappropriated funds.


A New Cologne


Grooming habits change for the husband, wife and girlfriend, they all pay more attention to their grooming habits and are more concerned how they look and smell. They may join a gym or change perfumes or colognes. The smell of an unfamiliar cologne or perfume when they arrive home will be a noticeable sign. Abnormal secretion stains in the underwear is an excellent validation they have committed adultery.


Abnormal Mileage


The cheating spouses vehicle, along with its glove box,  will provide it’s own validation of its whereabouts. Abnormal mileage and gas purchases on a vehicle will indicate a routine has been broken, new activities are obviously going on in the life of the two timing  spouse. Notes are often left in the glove box of a vehicle with phone numbers or a rendezvous locations. Vehicle and telephone trackers are available to remove any suspicion by knowing exactly the whereabouts of a suspected cheater.




When a two timing partner is on the phone when you enter the room, then begins whispering and leaves the room, it is a good indication they are hiding something from you. Checking the history on your loved ones computer, it  will surely shed light to their computer activities.  If the history is wiped clean every time they use the computer this is a good sign something is happening they do not want you to know about. Computer software is also available to accomplish this same task.


Prepaid Cell Phones


Another sign of husband wife and girlfriends cheating are the use of prepaid cell phones to communicate with their lovers. By checking cell phone records to see if there is a number called frequently will be a good sign of who they are conversing with. If the number is unrecognizable it may be a prepaid cell phone.


Cheating wives are usually more discreet than husbands. Women are more concerned about STD’s than men are. Where as a husband is often content with a one night stand, a wife or girlfriend has a tendency to look for longer lasting relationship.

Signs Of Husband Wife Girlfriend Cheating
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