Reasons To Cheat


The reasons why wives cheat is what a lot of men would like to know the answer to, especially when going through the experience of a cheating wife then dealing with the emotional downfall of it.


In order to find out these reasons the first thing to do is to take an unbiased account of the relationship. I know this is a very difficult thing to do but it must be done if you are looking to find out why. Most men are in the dark about what could cause their wife to cheat on them because they do not step back and inventory the relationship. Understanding why will provide information to prevent it from happening in the future.


Do Not Feel Important


One of the biggest reasons why some women would do the unthinkable is that they just do not feel important or cherished by their man. A woman needs to control her man, she needs to feel that she is appreciated in the way she wants him to appreciate her not the way he wants to appreciate her. When she feels unappreciated  she might look elsewhere. Do not be offended by this action it is a problem of being unwilling to accept their man for what their man is. Most women feel that they have put so much into their relationships and they do not get back what they give, they are overcome with self pity and blame their man. This is done to ensnare a man into feeling the same sadness and worthlessness as the woman. Also called intimidation.


The Truth


The reality of this is that the feeling is created by a demon or self righteousness. Please keep in mind when demons are not dealt with they will stay with their victim the rest of their life or cast out by learning the truth. When you submit to them you let the demon and self righteousness become your life. This will destroy any man or woman.


Demons are feelings that you are doing things right when in actuality it is wrong. Your wife is not you  and you are not your wife. We all want our partners to be like us but this is an impossibility. Each person is different and in order to have a healthy relationship each partner must respect the other not want their lover to be like themselves. Demons separate relationships and they do this by making each party believe the other should feel believe and do as they do. This is the lie they want everyone to believe because when this happens we rob from our mates their own individuality. 

Demons Create Separation


I know when there is a supernatural evil force in any event, that is evil, a  demon is in the midst. I really do not think either partner of a relationship truly wants to separate from someone they have loved. The reason this happens is they are listening to the lies they have been taught throughout their lives.  I refer to this deceptive force as a demon. Demon sex is usually the force behind the separation by having us believe in a lie about our partner then look for the relationship we desire in others. Jesus Christ was able to cast out devils then showed humans how to do the same as well. One prominent teaching regarding this subject is when he gives to us instruction about when we commit adultery. When we follow His instructions we gain all of the answers to the reasons why wives cheat.


Lost Spark


Another reason is, when a relationship is old and it has lost its spark, many couples struggle to have the spark back into their relationship. The wife feels the need to feel wanted and desired by their partner. Their demon speaks through them and tells you, if you are not doing what I want you to do I will find a guy out there who will give me the attention I want from you. When she expects you to respond as she desires and you do not she will start noticing other guys out there who are giving her the attention she wants from you. This is from the influence of the demon upon her life. The demon wants to destroy the relationship.




When men and women are oceans apart leaving each party with the feeling of abandonment is one more reason to cheat. The result will be a feeling of disinterest by one or both of the parties. The only way to reconnect is to be interested and respect your wife. Women like to talk about what is bugging them or going on in their lives, and you need to be available to listen to her when she is feeling like sharing. The great divide in this instance will be that she will want you to do something that you do not believe in. This could be just a feeling of worry, self pity or some other emotion she is wanting you to express to be in one accord with her. By not responding to this feeling or demon you are jeopardizing your relationship. If she feels you do not have the interest or that you do not care, she will be hurt and she will look elsewhere for someone who is willing to listen to what she has to say and share her demon with them.


Get Even


If you have done something that hurts your wife or girlfriend badly and possibly made her angry, she might be obliged to get even this will be another reason for cheating. If you did something that has broken her heart, she might see that as a way of lashing out as a result of what you have done to her. This is a way for her to make you feel the pain that you have put her through. This is an eye for an eye there is no forgiveness in this act. No relationship will ever last without having forgiveness for each other. It is the corner stone of any relationship. When a wife or girlfriend is always responding with doing things that are hurtful when they believe you have done something wrong understand there is nothing you will be able to do to appease this situation. This is a spirit from the demon that wants your relationship destroyed. Each of us individually has to recognize these devils and then cast them out and be a forgiving soul or else our lives will be filled with demon chaos.


There are many reasons why wives cheat, most of them are related to a demon making her feel not respected and a feeling of not being appreciated. When in all probability it is not true but a self created perception. Husbands and wives both have a perception that it is up to their spouse to be a mind reader to understand their needs and to meet then without communicating them. This is the reason why women cheat. The question you have to ask is, Do I want to become part of this conspiracy?


Love To Give


Both parties of a relationship have much love to give to each other, the hard part is learning to accept the love that is different than the love you have to give.

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