Coping with a cheating girlfriend is much like being dismissed from your job you love and you're simply baffled, upset, hurt and left questioning "just what the heck occurred". Next to the death of a dearly loved one or obtaining a bad Doctor's report there's most likely not much worse information that a man could learn.


Straight Talk


Let us get straight into how to forgive a cheating girlfriend problem. To start, you have to be certain that you're in-control of your reactions prior to discussing the problem with your girlfriend. If you're full of rage and anger and bitterness towards your girl and all of your thoughts tend to be about making her pay or be miserable, then it is too early to cope with her committing adultery.


Cool Off


Take some additional time to cool and settle down because even though your girlfriend has been unfaithful, you won't want to make an additional blunder by allowing your feelings or demons to get out of hand. Cast those liars out of your life. Build your new relationship on truth. 

Do Not Blame Yourself


The next matter I'd encourage you to do, is to not blame yourself. The demon wants you to knock your head up against a wall and rack your brains on what you could have possibly done to make your relationship work. Do not get excited about this. Only take an inventory. Then decide after you have had time to analyze the event, of what are the main issues that caused the infidelity. Otherwise the same thing will happen.  All of us have choices to make in everyday life and your girlfriend made a decision that does not agree with yours. Her decision has resulted from something she believes that you have done or not done to her.  You must look and examine the truth to see the lie or lies that has perpetrated the infidelity.


When you are on an emotional level that is aware that both parties are at fault you're ready to get to the truth and forgive your girlfriend. The initial question needing clarified would be to ask if she has made up her mind to leave the relationship or not. Her choice must be respected in order for her to have respect for you, this will be the first act of forgiveness.




By looking at the cause as being from a demon it will alleviate the desire to accuse each other. It places a spirit as a third party making it easier to see the truth of the event. More breakups occur because of demons in a relationship than for any other reason. Demons are supernatural spirits that make a lie look appealing and to appear as truth. Demons do not want to hear about any truths. Truth is a demon slayer.


If your girlfriend is willing to look for a solution and wants to talk, this is a great sign. Closeness in any relationship comes about through the intimacy of expression through our communications. To have forgiveness the source of the problem needs to be uncovered through intimate conversation. It is normal for men and women to not share their feelings because they want their partners to feel the same way as themselves. This is the big lie of the demon. Each party must respect their partner in a loving way by being aware of and satisfying each others needs as much is reasonably possible. Then the demons will be cast out. The demon sex is a the primary demon that causes relationships to fall apart.


Questions To Satisfy The Demon In Yourself


The demon inside of yourself will want responses to subsequent questions in the disguise of attempting to cope with your girlfriend's infidelity. For instance! Exactly who was she being unfaithful with? Just how long has the affair gone on? Why was she unfaithful? Exactly why did she not possess the decency to break up with me before the affair?  Is this really the only person she has recently been with? Does she absolutely adore him? Does she wish to finish our partnership? Who else is aware of the relationship? Would she be prepared to undergo counseling if this might help save our relationship? The reason why she believes we ought to stay with each other? All of these questions will only torment you and lead to the eventual separation of your relationship. The only question should be are you willing to seek the truth as to what has caused this to happen. The truth will not be found in anyones justification of their actions but in the habits and actions of each individual. Each must be willing to look at their own inequities that caused the adultery, then a willingness to remedy the situation will occur. At this point forgiveness will have taken place and you will have learned how to forgive a cheating girlfriend.  


Keep A Level Head


Forgiving a cheating girlfriend and determining how you can keep your head on straight demands you to be understanding of the situation. My recommendation is to learn about demons and how to cast them out of your life. This will begin to help you define what is evil in life.

How To Forgive  A Cheating Girlfriend
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