How to catch a cheating husband wife boyfriend girlfriend is far easier today than it was 20 years ago. With new technologies, catching a cheating partner is a breeze. Making it almost impossible for a cheating husband wife boyfriend girlfriend to cheat on their partner and get away with it. Below we have a few items that are listed and used to catch cheating partners.


Computer Monitoring


The Amac Keylogger for Mac is designed to check out Mac computer activities such as keystrokes typed, websites visited, chat conversations and desktop screenshots. Amac keylogger is also used for parental control, employee monitoring, catching a two timing spouse and retrieving a MacBook that has been misplaced or stolen.


Eblaster is one of many pieces of software that can be placed on a PC computer to see every single keystroke of a computer while you are not at home. This is a keylogger for PC as opposed to the keylogger for a Mac. This type of software is also used to monitor teenage computer activities giving the parents full control over the activities of their kids. 


CellPhone Monitoring


Cellphone monitoring is also available from many software companies such as SpyBubble, FlexiSpy and other software vendors. Cellphone monitoring records location and cell phone conversations. 


Vehicle Tracking


GPS for vehicle tracking is another common way to know exactly where your husband or wife is located. Trackers  are available as a passive unit gathering location information of a vehicle then viewed at a latter time connecting into the USB port of your computer. Another option is a RealTime tracker allowing viewing the location of the vehicle at all times through a service provider on the internet.




















Check Mate


When you really want to get down to the nitty gritty their is checkmate sperm detector. This product is for those that are not to tech savvy. Underwear is tested for sperm of the suspicious partner.


Hidden Camera


Hidden cameras abound along with voice recorders to capture video and audio or just audio. Providing the information exactly as it is being said. An adulterous spouce does not have much of a chance with modern day technology.


Private Investigator


Hiring a private detective is also a good way to find out if your lover is cheating on you or not. Many people do not like to be bothered and would just prefer to pay some one to do the catching.


We have a list of signs to look for, created by a local private detective, that will help in catching a cheating men or cheating women. A women will display different signs than  a man. While  teenagers,who are in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship will experience different signs. As we all grow we look at relationships through different eyes.

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